Character Design software tools
Caleb howard / Kevin Mack - 1995

After Kevin and I finished our proof of concept for the H.A.R.D. Project, we immediately began to design tools which would build on the functionality of a Procedural Anatomy System such as H.A.R.D. embodies.  The next tool we implemented was called Morphogenesis, which means the creation of form.

Our concept for Morphogenesis was to develop a genetic descriptor language for the definition of an abstracted creature's body formation - a very basic genome, which would provide us with advantages of ease of development,  brevity of representation, and the convenience of genetic manipulation for evolutionary processes.  These processes can automate the development of a creature's form within a constrained environment.  This tool also formed a basis upon which to design our Gait editing and development tools.

The first image below (Figure 1.) shows one of the control panels which is used to define the base constraints of the creature's range of motion.  The following three images, (Figures 2-4) show a simple genome interpolation between a human constraint set, and a canine constraint set.

Figure 1. shows the control panel for the main character formation.

Figure 2. shows a constraint set for the human form in a neutral stance.

Figure 3. shows a constraint set interpolated between the genome for a human, and that of a canine.

Figure 4. shows a constraint set for the canine form in a neutral stance.